Purchasing A Domain Name Without A Credit Card Or Paypal Balance

I'm not very tech-savvy.

But I'm determined to learn by every click I make online.

I created this site single-handedly, and I have been learning since then.

Getting a domain was difficult for me because I did not have a Paypal balance and 'major' providers could not accept my debit card. But, I eventually got one, and here I share my story...

Buy a Domain Name Without A Credit Card Or Paypal Balance for For Your Writing Business

I had difficulty purchasing a domain name by using my debit card.

My intention was to create a serious blog for my business to share stuff like these ones:

A comprehensive guide to Reverse SEO and SEO tips for freelance writers

For starters, I ensured that the balance in the account was enough to make a purchase. Then I looked online for sellers.

Every blog I read somehow directed me to GoDaddy.com and so I obliged. I hurriedly signed up and filled the required information. I wanted to do a quick purchase and go back to work. But my expectations hit the wall when I got this message.

The feedback for my freelance writing domain name

First, I did not realize what the issue was. I added more money into my local account and tried again and again. I then opted to seek help from customer support. They advised me to use a credit card or pay through PayPal. I didn't have a credit card or any PayPal balance and so I sort to get help elsewhere.

Over the internet again. I found domain.com. I tried it. Payment not processed! I looked further for other alternatives.

This time I searched specifically for a company that could accept my debit card. I got mrdomain. In one of their article, they write their methods of payment and they have two options for payment.

Direct methods of payment and indirect methods of payment.

In their indirect payment methods, they list debit as one of the manual methods of payment and promise to complete the process within one to two days. Long story short, I was unable to make the payments. They wanted a 20 digit card number I could not see on my debit card.

It took me three days!

I'm not saying the above options are bad. In fact, they might be the best across the world. However, it did not work for me. You also might be struggling.

Here Is The Point, Try Going Local

If I knew this earlier, I would have got a domain name on the first day I started the search. There are local vendors capable of selling you a domain name affordably.

In my search, I realized there are hundreds of web hosting and domain companies in Kenya. I settled for Truehost (a service provider). They were affordable and ready to chat. Since I had some questions and needed help afterward, I chose them.

These guys helped me point my domain name to my current host. My experience so far is great!