What Business Will Look Like In 1000 Years

How will business look like in the future?

This is not a matter left to the prophets. Here is substantial information so you won't bother imagining.

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What Business Will Look Like In Future

If you had told the Mesopotamian tribes in the 6000 BC that several thousand years later from then the bartering of goods and services would be outdated. That by the year 2,000 people will be swiping cards to make purchases in designated stores, they would call you a liar. They introduced barter trade and with time bartering was adopted by various communities across the world until money came into play. Bartering still happens but it is largely informal.  

Businesspeople in the past did not go to school to become successful. They were only students of nature and evolved according to the trends that ran the day. Nowadays people take hours in classrooms to run businesses successfully.

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The internet was introduced just a few decades ago (less than three to be precise) and it is significantly impacting how business is running today. The world is now a connected village and businesses sell ideas, goods, and services globally. Technology is now integral in making businesses thrive. In the past this was unimaginable.  

Competition in the present world is rigorous contrary to what it used to be many years ago. Industries are expanding and adopting various tools and models to make their products reach many. The channels to follow to success are numerous allowing numerous people to be players in various businesses.  

What Worked In The Past

Communication Was Face-To-Face

What worked for businesses thirty years back before the internet is completely different from what is working presently.

Business communication in the past had to be face-to-face centrally because there were few alternatives. Twenty years ago, few people owned mobile appliances and computers. Emails were owned by a few personalities and using the telephone was a great deal.

Because of this, business deals were better-done face-to-face. Companies reached out to customers in the streets, houses, and workplaces to convince them to buy their products. This means that the door to door marketing was appropriate and very successful.

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Businesses employed a big number of marketing personnel who would go out on the streets convincing potential customers to buy goods and services. They handed flyers to direct people to the business. Well, this looks old-fashioned but it was a communication technique that worked wonders then.

Businesses Had Premises - Particularly In Urban Centers.

All businesses had premises where all the trading activities happened. Whether it is hiring or manufacturing solutions, all this happened in a single place. There were plenty of stores aligned along the streets for this purpose - and they were always occupied, unlike today. These physical businesses dominated the trading world. Starting an online business then was unfruitful even if you had the means because people would only trust dealing with physical businesses.

There was a lot of migration from rural to urban centers and there is where most businesses thrived. To own a successful business you had to find where people were settling.

Marketing Was Conventional

Every business owner in the past invested in what we call now as conventional methods of marketing. These were effective and worked for all who invested their money, effort, and skills. Magazines, flyers, posters...you name them. Anything but digital technology techniques. Even though present-day marketing involves this kind of marketing, it is impossible to succeed by using them solely.

Owing to the rising number of tech-savvy people, traditional marketing methods cannot propel a business into a success anymore. However, then, without employing these methods, your business was destined for failure.

What Works Now  

The past business trends worked then but they would fail at this age if you utilized them alone. To some degree, they would work if you blend them with modern technology. The difference is that there are better options and the traditional methods can only work as secondary measures to give a business an edge against others. The present age presents us with different trends that control the market.

Marketing Happens Through Digital Platforms

Things transformed from magazines and newspapers to radios and televisions and now internet marketing. People across the globe have access to the internet. More people own smart mobile devices and it only makes sense to reach them where they often spend their time. Platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others receive millions of visitors on a daily basis.

Because of this transformation, businesses require websites and social pages that are well optimized for users. The good thing about digital marketing is that it can accommodate all sorts of budgets - from nothing to thousands of dollars.

In addition, digital marketing offers small and huge enterprises similar opportunities. All businesses need is to understand their target audience and ensure they reach them. For any business to succeed in this error they must utilize digital marketing.

Business Is Happening Online

Online business is currently a trend. Businesses work with people from extreme parts of the world. Setting up an online business is very convenient, cheap and easy to set up. The best part is that it is not necessary to own a physical office or workplace; you can work at home. Online business is massive because billions of sellers and buyers transact there.

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Businesses happening over the internet are not just dealing with services. Even solid items are sold - thus the common online stores. Many people are freelancers selling their skills to anyone who needs them. Having a computer and internet access makes this possible.

Data Security

Every thriving industry comes with its own challenges. Technology comes with informed frauds who are working over and above to obtain data and use it for their gain. Instead of filling shelves with files, the modern business person uses computers for storage of huge piles of data and in response, they have to be a step ahead against frauds to keep their data intact and secure.
Saving data is also a huge business as a result. Companies invest in the best tools to secure their data. Cloud storage goes without saying a popular technology and more businesses are realizing its effectiveness.

What Will Work In The Near Future   

According to the current trends, it is obvious that the future will revolve around technology. New discoveries will be present for sure and every individual will be having access to internet and computers of any kind. This means that all businesses will be functioning in the spectrum of the internet. This means that traditional marketing techniques will be completely outdated in under 100 years.  

The business world will have different advanced technologies that will bring about new working tools and strategies. This could happen a few decades to come. But once the entire world is tech savvy how much further can we go? One thousand years from now will offer humanity a life that is out of this world. Literally!

We have all seen in the science fiction movies the outstanding technologies humanity has in mind. Flying cars, quantum computers, artificial intelligence and much more... As it is now, scientists are working over and above to make these things into reality. It will happen; it will surely do.

The question is where will business be in all these developments? I foresee a business world with the following developments...

A Smarter and Healthier Businessman With Implants

Have you heard of body hackers? This is a community of people who presently have implants in them. These implants enable them to unlock doors, listen to music without plugging any devices in their ears, and control electronics with simple commands.

Future businessmen will be half robots, half human.
This technology will be advanced multiple times in 1000 years. Humans will have direct implants in their bodies. Some of these will be specially programmed to work in given niches.

A business person, for instance, can have accounting implants in them. Because of this, a business person will have a strong immune system capable of fighting disease and be cleverer. In response, the body will work longer and more efficiently. Business people will live longer and therefore the rates of retiring will be lower.

With brain implants accounting will be a piece of cake to most people. All we will require is uploading our brain systems to computers and voila! All the information we need will be readily available. Accessing the internet will be a thing of the brain and you will not need computer screens to add up stuff. You will easily have meetings with people from extreme locations and collaborate on projects within the brain.

Intelligent Computers

A 1000 years from now will avail computers that are super-fast and with the capacity to think, remember and even act better than humans. As a matter of fact, the computers will solve complicated problems faster. Some of what current computers can take decades to crack. At present we have no idea how this will come to pass but quantum computers are an investment that most governments will focus on.

This is possible because the speed of computers is improved regularly (two times every couple of years). Business will work more flawlessly with such computers. Manufactures will mass produce products within seconds and deliver them on time.  

Every industry that relies on computers will be speedy and accurate. And it is these industries that will be controlling the economics of the world then.

Cross-planet Business

In a world where people live longer and the climate is changing, food supplies will be squeezing and earth will be becoming warmer than usual due to human activity. If we continue living on earth it will be too crowded to offer us any value.

In response to this, the future generation will seek settlement beyond earth. Scientists have already discovered billions of Earth-like planets in the universe which are waiting to be proven that they can actually support life. Even before then, there are already efforts by Planetary Society to ensure people are settling on Mars as in less than 20 years.

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Although there is no breathable air on mass and moon and many of the other planets, submarine-like colonies will be set to accommodate as many people as possible. So, in the next 1000 years, human life will be thriving on other planets in our galaxy.

Future business will not just happen within continents on earth but between planets. Large enterprises will have branches in various planets. Freelancers will work for people across the universe and deliver the work within seconds. Because of huge improvements in technology, communication will be swift and business will flow smoothly.

Assembling And Disassembling Offices

Future constructions will not be brick by brick buildings. Central to this is the growing number of people and improving technology. The future foresees invisible robots that will be assembling and disassembling buildings for various uses. For instance, a business person will have a convertible home that will turn into an office at the same place.

This concept is known as utility fog which J. Storrs Hall birthed in 1993. Serious considerations are underway by futurists concerning this idea.

Marketing Will Be More Targeted And Large Scale

Over the years marketing has become better over time. With improved technology, marketing will be more targeted and reach many people as the marketer deems appropriate for the business. The best part is that you will not need to leave your office to do this. You can easily load your message into a computer system and pop up in other people's minds across the universe.

Transactions Will Use Electronic Money

The money will not be faced out but no physical ones will be in use. The cryptocurrency trend will be more accessible and common means of transaction. Because most deals will be online, computers will be ordering and receiving payments. Even when someone is purchasing items physically, they will either be using cards or chips in their bodies to do so.
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Robots Will Replace Human Functions

Man himself will be a half machine and therefore it is not a surprise that robots will replace a majority of human functions. We expect a world with robot factory workers, robot shopkeepers, and robot constructors among others. The delivery guy will be a robot and it is not strange to also see some people marrying robots.

These robots will be intelligent. Able to understand and answer questions, be more powerful, efficient, accurate, and effective. Even better, robots will be able to work 24/7. In 2030 we expect 800 million human workers to step aside for robots according to a report by McKinsey & Company.  

This will call for a radical transformation in what we consider as work today. In fact, in the effort of competing for jobs, humans will be compelled to become more like robots to match their capabilities. Entrepreneurs will prefer robots to human resource and therefore governments will have to create regulations to ensure people get employment or get paid for doing nothing to have sustainable livelihoods.

However, it is obviously a concern when you think about robots becoming more intelligent than man. What will they do to their less intelligent creators? A question for another day, right?

Driverless Flying Cars

In the near future business, people will use driverless cars in the streets. These cars could be electronically powered to fly around speedily to transport people and stuff around the world. Flying cars will no longer be imagination but real-time gadgets controlled by computers.

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That said, trends come and leave. Adapting to new changes is what is important to remain relevant. Technology is already here with us and how we position ourselves to benefit from it is what is important.

Businesses particularly need to take advantage of every relevant piece of technology in order to be more beneficial and better society at large. For a businessperson profit is key and whatever the year 3000+ entrepreneurs will deem right to do, it will have to play alongside technology. Every industry from the medical, food, fashion, entertainment, transport, manufacture...and the rest will heavily rely on technology.