Freelance Writing is Business; Kickstart and Start Earning as a Freelance Writer

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Hello Freelance Writer,

If you are considering freelance writing, then you are in the right place. After a full year of research about freelance writing, I thought it a good idea to help budding freelance writers to get on their feet and start earning. 

In this course, you will learn specific steps that will help you start building your freelance writing business (whether part time or full time). I will expose you to some discoveries I have made in the period I have been around, plus expert advice that enabled me to create my own freelance writing business.

A little about me.

When I started it was tough. I had just lost my job, just married to a jobless woman, a baby on its way coming, and my finances were in the negatives. My job was looking for employment, and it always turned out to be unfruitful and frustrating.

How to Start Freelance Writing

I did not know anything about freelance writing. All I knew on the internet was interacting on social media platforms. Google was my favorite because it had a lot of information about what I wanted - a job. Through my hassles, I came across freelance writing and everything connected!

I learned on the job.

One month into freelance writing, I realized that it was an easy, and fast way to get an income. I took it seriously, and I am impressed with how much I earn today. It is not much, but I'm comfortable and seeking for further openings. I will update you with the information when I run into better.

Before we delve into our lessons, here are goals you must have on your list as a budding writer.

Showing creativity in your pieces, writing great content in native English, and ultimately letting clients find you, and make money. Here is what to do.

Find a Niche as a Freelance Writer

When I started freelance writing, finding a writing gig was not easy. I would bid and pitch, but nothing. This dry spell was tempting for me to take any writing job that came my way - that is exactly what I did. I did all kind of content in a sundry of industries - which caused rejection of my content on many occasions. I learned my lesson and started doing the right thing.

After trying writing in industries like architecture, sports, gambling, cryptocurrency, travel, and tens of others, I settled for 5 categories I was comfortable writing. I write conveniently in the real estate, interior design, B2B business, gardening, and education niches. With time, I plan to narrow down and major on one of these topics. As long as it is a freelance writing category that brings in money.

Ask yourself questions like; what do I enjoy doing? What do I do now? What am I passionate about? What do I plan to learn about in the future? With these questions, you can narrow down to the niche you can research and write comfortably.

Remember you can change your niches as you grow.

Write Samples

You will need samples to show your clients that you are capable of handling their tasks. Poor samples will attract low paying clients or none at all. The secret to high-value samples as a freelance writer is ensuring they are long-form, correct in grammar, without plagiarism, elaborate and with references. Show your potential clients that you can research and deliver top-notch content if they give you a freelance writing gig. 

Just like me, you might not be Shakespeare yet but show your determination to create awe-striking content.

Create a Blog

The good part about owning a website or blog is that you have a place to write and post your content as often as you would like. Clients can find you from there and you can develop a fan base, which can open other business opportunities for you. Write, write and write some more. It is one of the ways to improve yourself.

Initially, I saved my samples as word documents but I often fell victim to scammers who copied my content without pay. The next thing I had to do was create a blog. Here, I can publish my content and link to them whenever I bid or pitch for a writing job.

A blog will tell your potential clients that you understand how to write content and post them on the web.

Sign up on Content Mills and Social Platforms

The easy way to start getting writing opportunities as a beginner freelance writer is through content mills like Upwork, Airtasker, Freelancer and so on. Ensure you create a profile with all the required information and media, use a professional picture, and do the available tests. You want to have a consistent portfolio across various platforms.

Upwork has been nothing but a lifesaver for me. Most of my clients, I got from there.

Airtasker is a great platform to get some quick bucks particularly if you are in the US, UK, and Australia. Fingers crossed for those of us in Africa and Asia because insider information says they are thinking about expanding their services to across the world.

I wouldn't recommend because they blocked me out of my account after I had earned some money in the name of verification. It was a little money but in my situation then, that was all I had.

I use my LinkedIn account for work only and connect with other writers and employers on Twitter and Facebook. When I started freelance writing I had to change some information on my profiles to reflect that I am a freelance writer.

Find Direct Clients from Content Mills

One of my goals, when I started freelance writing, was to get direct clients. I tried all the methods other professionals were recommending but it didn't work for me. My wild mind suggested that I should use the content mills to lure direct clients my way.

I used Upwork to target job posts that lacked payment verification and did not have any reviews. Most of such freelance opportunities are from clients that want direct relationships. They will ask for your Skype contacts or reach you through your social media platforms.

However, be cautious and always ask for upfront payment. If they refuse, keep looking. You will eventually find your match.

Join Writing Websites and Agencies

Freelance writers create their own agencies, look for jobs, and give a team of writers on their partners. They usually have websites where you can sign in, do some tests, and start working on the available assignments. 

Head to Google search and type your niche + write + $, several options will appear and you can make your choice.

Getting your name on most of these sites enables prospective clients to see that you are a serious freelance writer - and not someone who is just trying out. It is also possible to get references from there. Always remember to be consistent with the profile information you provide.

Writing Gig Application

You can apply for freelance writing jobs in two ways: Bidding or Pitching.

Bidding: Applying for a writing position that the employer already seeks to fill.

Pitching: Spark the interest of an employer to write for them.

There are hundreds of templates you can use as a freelance writer to bid and pitch for writing jobs. When you see a job post ensure you read it first and know a little about the client. You can visit their website, access the about section to learn about what they do. This brief research will help you customize your templates so as to bid or pitch accordingly.

After bidding, you will have to wait for the client to contact you. But when it comes to pitching, you need to follow up. Create a schedule of pitching and follow up to make sure you get responses to your pitch.

Brace for Rejection

Even the best of freelance writers were rejected at one point in their writing career.

As a freelance writer, you will be rejected for reasons and without reasons. Clients are unique people and some will not like your profile picture, others will find your industry resume unsatisfying, negotiation skills, your rates too high or too low, while others will choose freelance writers in their own countries over you. 

Do not lose hope because of rejection. Wear a rejection-proof and keep bidding and pitching. You are not the first, and won't be the last to be rejected. There is always a match out there. 

Begin Guest Posting

Remember when I told that one of your freelance writing ultimate goals should be clients finding you? Guest Posting is one of the ways to put your name out there.

By guest posting, you will write content for other websites or blogs. There are many popular blogs and websites that accept guest posting. When your article or blog appears on them, potential employers view you are credible.

If you make it on Kissmetrics, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, or Forbes, that would be great!

Comment On Posts

Commenting on posts is another way to capture the clientele's attention. Find posts that deal with your freelance writing topics and share your idea in the comment section. Be among the first to comment. Also, link content from your blog there so that those who read the comment can get more information from your site.

Freelance Writing is a Business

There are predators in the freelance writing industry and you have to be careful not to fall prey. Some will instill doubt in you, while others will fleece you after burning your midnight oil for them. If you are not careful, you will have trouble getting past the first year.

Freelance writing is a business, not just a hobby.

Equip yourself with knowledge, strategies, skills, and tools for success as a freelance writer. It honestly requires work. It will take time, blood and sweat to have a grasp all the necessary information for success. The freelance writing journey is continuous. 

Words for Wise Writers

Just like other professions, freelance writing will need you to make decisions that might build or break you. As you start out, you might meet low paying gigs, but that does not mean you settle for less all through your career. 

There is also the danger of taking more than you can handle. Juggling among projects from various clients as a freelance writer is tricky and can result in giving you a bad name. You cannot satisfy everyone all the time, and so you will need to let some projects to pass.

Many successful freelance writers out there have used various avenues to get to where they are. The biggest mistake you can ever do to yourself is following every advice you get on the web. Whether it is affiliate marketing, content management, or writing blogs, choose those you follow wisely.

There is nothing wrong with gathering information, but ensure you build goals around whatever you consume as a freelance writer.

There you go! Points to help you kickstart your freelance writing and start earning. Never give up. Share with me some of the information you find useful but I have not shared above. I would love to learn from you.