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At My Village Scribe, we believe that every business deserves to communicate to its audience succinctly. Our goal is to help you meet your target audience through the use of words and SEO tips and tricks. And when your online image is damaged, we restore it. It excites us when you meet your consumers!

đź’ Our Story

Since 2017, we have been helping individuals and businesses pass their message across to buyers. We do it in a way that the common Jane and Joe gets it. Your time and budget are essential to us. Our teams, therefore, meet your needs within deadlines at pocket-friendly costs.

Hudson started My Village Scribe for businesses across the world to work with Kenyan SEO experts and Writers. These individuals are vetted and proven to produce results. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) combined with writing makes us happy.

So far we have served entrepreneurs and small businesses from more than 10 countries and still counting...

đź’ Meet The Leading Freelance Writers and SEO Experts in Kenya

With an abundance of experience and knowledge in the freelance writing and SEO industry, our teams thrive on producing transformative written content to empower individuals and companies to reach and convert their audience. From articles, blogs, product descriptions, about us pages, branded content, to ebooks plus any custom pieces, We are determined to deliver award-winning products to meet the objectives of your business.

Our Approach to Content Writing

✔️ Gather instructions

It all begins with the client who provides the information necessary to create the content. The instructions can range from, the content format, its length, plus any other inclusions you consider important.

✔️ Plan the content

Based on the instructions you give, we set the goals necessary to create the best content. 

✔️ Create the content

We then carry out the research, curate the important information, write down articles out of it, and make the necessary edits according to the specifications. This is the proper stage to include keywords and do the general optimization of the content for the search engines.

✔️ Send it your way

We then send the finished content your way. Take a look at it and give your feedback.

✔️ Review if necessary

If unsatisfied in any way, you are free to say so and then (gladly) we make the changes or re-do the entire content. You are only allowed three revisions.

Our Approach to Online Reputation Management

Every situation, in this case, is often different. But we often apply white hat reverse SEO techniques which involve:
  • Creating online properties
  • Creating branded content
  • Making the content search engine friendly
  • Working on backlinks
  • Doing general SEO for your brand.
Online reputation depends on individual situations. Reach out to us for the best solutions.

đź’ Expect the Best!

🔹Guarantee the best quality at the end of our transaction.

🔹Get optimized content with SEO keywords for you to rank in the search engines.

🔹Consistency and strong tone that will make your content stand out.

🔹Content that is grammatically correct and free from plagiarism.

🔹Restore your online image

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