Educated African Beggars

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Getting an education is simple. You just need to get a tutor, listen, read, and write. However, applying the knowledge you get is what matters if you are to benefit from it. It would be useless to understand how to ride a bike through reading a textbook in detail but lack the skills to get one and cycle it.

We sit in classrooms for more than one and a half decades of our lives. But most of us are not able to use the knowledge in real life. We end up unsatisfied with what we do afterward. Unfortunately, what we get from our studies do not make us better, happier, smarter, and wealthier. The education systems fall pitifully short of the requirements of the constantly evolving society. 

Educated African Beggars is explaining the best ways to get the most out of education in six chapters:

- Chapter 1: A Graduates Dream
- Chapter 2: The Evidence of a Failed System
- Chapter 3: Where Is The Education System Failing?
- Chapter 4: Education for the Few
- Chapter 5: Repackaging and Reforming Education
- Chapter 6: Where to Start

This book targets individual who are unsatisfied with where they are professionally, anyone who has just completed high school, the jobless, educationists, and anyone interested to learn the suffering of African youth for putting too much trust in education.

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My book, Educated African Beggers, is now published on Kindle! 

I have written this book because I understand what joblessness means.

I know the shame that comes with looking for help from friends and family who get tired of you easily.

I have felt the tension when it is end-month and the landlord is knocking daily as he shouts your name for rent.

It is hard when you have a wife and kid looking up to you to provide. It is even tougher when you have an ailing relative.

Having debts feels like carrying a thousand-kilo donkey around town, while it constantly kicks your groin.

During my frantic searches for help, I stumbled upon an opportunity that I know is open for anyone that went to school.

It is not motivational. Not fiction, but a real-time lifehack you won't regret reading.

I have written six chapters of it. You can read it on your smartphone with just Kshs. 500.

Follow this link to buy it on Kindle:

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