My Village Scribe exists to help clients have busy websites. We know that's what you need to get engagements and conversions.

We therefore provide these services; Site audits, content writing, reputation management (reverse SEO), keyword research and mapping, and SEO for individuals and businesses.

1. Site Audits

Before you start your SEO journey, you'll need a thorough audit of your website. We use a checklist of close to 50 SEO elements to provide you a comprehensive audit for your site. 

You'll get this service at an affordable rate - the most affordable on the web. At $500.

2. Content Writing

Looking for a content writer? You'll get one who can create a content strategy that will perform well in your industry. At My Village Scribe, we make it affordable for all businesses. Our target audience is startups that still seek relevance on the web. Be sure you'll get quality for every penny you spend.

Just email Hudson with a small description of your needs and you'll be sorted. Read work samples.

Content writing costs

3. Online Reputation Management (ORM)/ Reverse SEO

Do you want to outrank web content that is damaging your name or that of your business? We have a team available to help. We will create websites, social pages, write branded content, and run them all for you until you gain a good image on the internet. Here are our packages.

reverse SEO packages

4. Keyword Research and Mapping

You can trust us with your keyword research needs. We use the industry's best tools to find and map keywords according to your request and avail them to you on demand. This service comes at varied costs depending on the bulk of work and how you need it done. Reach out to get a free quotation.

5. SEO

If you are looking to rank top in the search engines, we are your best bet. Our rates depend on your situation. Contact us so we can discuss your situation. You won't regret hiring us.

Hire us

PS: We tailor solutions for our clients. If your requirements are not in our packages, feel free to contact and we will reach an agreement.

PS2: We don't do "adult" content or aid any illegal business.

PS3: Some content takes longer to research and write. Therefore, if your pieces are related to subjects like neuroscience, intricate engineering subjects or any other complex topics, contact us first.


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