My Village Scribe exists for two reasons; content writing and reputation management for businesses

1. Content writing

Looking for a content writer? At My Village Scribe, we make it affordable for all businesses. Our target audience is startups that still seek relevance on the web.

Just email Hudson with a small description of your needs and you'll be sorted. Read work samples.

Price of freelance content

2. Online Reputation Management (ORM)/ Reverse SEO

Do you want to outrank web content that is damaging your name or that of your business? We have a team available to help. We will create websites, social pages, write branded content, and run them all for you until you gain a good image on the internet. Here are our packages.

Online reputation management cost

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PS: We tailor solutions for our clients. If your requirements are not in our packages, feel free to contact and we will reach an agreement.

PS2: We don't do "adult" content or aid any illegal business.

PS3: Some content takes longer to research and write. Therefore, if your pieces are related to subjects like neuroscience, intricate engineering subjects or any other complex topics, contact us first.