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I have been creating native-level content for my clients around the world for the past five years.

With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization skills, I make your assignments worth every penny you spend.

I come with technique, value, and understand target markets to write so the common Jane and Joe gets it.

Whether you are looking for regular content, SEO copywriting or ORM scripts, I am your best bet. I am particularly passionate about researching and writing articles, blogs, and E-books across niches including; real estate, home improvement, design, health, products, and business, among others.

Looking for someone that knows his hfrelangs from canonical tags? I'm your guy. I'll help you make giant steps towards your success when it comes to SEO.

I'll tackle all your SEO needs from site audits, keyword research and mapping, onpage/offpage SEO, to local SEO. I'm happy when your website content reaches its target audience.

A base my strategies on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis. Therefore, expect quality deliverables that will impact your business positively.

Clients use terms like, "Strongly recommend him. Quality of work is awesome. The best experience. Top-notch. Gem...." The list of my attributes is endless.

 I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to SEO and writing contact me for the following:
 ➡️ SEO
 ➡️ Local SEO
 ➡️ Site audits
 ➡️ Keyword research and mapping
 ➡️ Blog writing
 ➡️ Article writing
 ➡️ Article re-writing
 ➡️ Reverse SEO/ Reputation management
 ➡️ Content writing
 ➡️ Ghostwriting
 ➡️ Creative writing
 ➡️ Wordpress and Blogger Site Management
 ➡️ Copywriting
 ➡️ Amazon Listings
Eagerly waiting for you to invite me with a brief description of your needs...

And I'll respond in a jiffy to help. Waiting...

P.S.: Short term and long term clients are welcome!

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Eagerly waiting for you to invite for a job using a short message with a brief description of what you need...

And we'll respond in a jiffy to help. Waiting...

P.S.: Short term and long term clients are welcome!

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We are happy to serve regardless of your country or business size. Make use of our seasonal low costs and come back for more next time.

⚠My Village Scribe does not deal in illegal businesses
⚠We don't produce or support the production of 'adult content'
⚠If you have an intricate subject (neurology and the like) you want us to write about, please contact so we assess the situation first.